ana aslan M.D., Ph.D. Ana Aslan


Born in Romania in 1896, Prof. Dr. Ana ASLAN dedicated her long life (92 years old when she passed away) to the study of geriatric treatment. The results she obtained in the field with her product GEROVITAL H3, developed in 1951, made her one of the widest known Romanian researchers. Ana Aslan is the Ambassador of Gerontology and a brilliant woman. As a scientist she is an inventor, not an imitator.

She studied medicine at the University of Bucharest (1915-1922) and she specialized in cardiology, gerontology and geriatrics. She was full professor of the medical clinic in Timisoara (1949-1958). In a world of men Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan succeeds to create in 1952, in Bucharest, the Institute of Geriatric, the first one in the world. The World Organization of Health recognized its organization as a model to be following by all other similar institutes. Starting with 1958 she became the director general of the National Institute of Geriatric and Gerontology.

In 1952 she prepared the vitamin H3 (Gerovital), a pharmaceutical product for the treatment of the aging process and some of the third age's diseases. Her researches and the development of the GEROVITAL H3 formula brought her the nomination as honorary member of numerous medical establishments and foundation. She was at the origin of the high interest of countless international personalities for the geriatric treatments provided in Romania.

She treated many famous persons such as: Mao Tse-toung, Charles de Gaulle, Pablo Picasso, Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietriech, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, Konrad Adenanuer, Aristotle Onasis, John F. Kennedy and many more. She was a member of The Science Academy of New York, of the World Union of Prophylactic and Hygiene Medicine, honorary member of European Center for Medical Research, president of International Association of Gerontology, president of Romanian Society of Gerontology, etc.

She received in 1952, at the United Nations Palace from Geneva, the international award "Leon Bernard", from the World Organization of Health, for the contribution in the anti-aging research. She receive also "Merito della Republica" (Italy), "Cavalier de L'Ordre Palmas Academica" (France), Professor Honores Causa and Doctor Emeritus of Braganza Paulista University from Brazil, etc.

Ana Aslan is the original contributor in the basic research concerning cellular and molecular aging, and researching her product reaction in the body. She had a special empathy for the elderly and has always fought to improve their condition all over the world. She worked with others to
initiate the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization on aging, held in Vienna, 1983.

Aslan had a remarkable understanding and appreciation for beauty and culture. In addition to her life, she talked of her views of politics, religion, euthanasia, dying, death and love. At one time she visited Hippocrates grave and on which she stated, "I now realize how small I am".

In 1980 she invented (with I. Polovrageanu) the new geriatric product, Aslavital, patented and introduce in current fabrication.

Aslan’s distinctions:

1. Commander of the order "Meritor Della Republica," Italy, 1969
2. Commemorative Gold Medal, Nicaragua, 1971.
3. Cross of Merit, first class Order of Merit, Germany, 1971.
4. Hero of Socialist Labor, Romania, 1971.
5. "Augusto Pinaud," Medal, Venezuela, 1972.
6. Cavalier de la Nouvelle Europe, Prize Oscar, Italy, 1973.
7. Knight of the Order "Les Palmes Academiques," France, 1974.
8. International Prize, "Eva," Italy, 1974.
9. Commander of the Order "De Orange Nassau," Holland, 1975.
10. "L’Ordre du Merite," Grande Officier, Senegal, 1976.
11. "Dag Hamarskjoeld," International Prize, Italy, 1977.
12. "Dama di Collare Del Santo Graal," Nice, 1978 (granted by Italy)
13. Honorary Foreign Citizen and Honorary Professor of Sciences, Manila, Philippines, 1978
14. President and Honorary Guest of the Symposium, "Aging Comes of Age," Philippines Academy, Philippines Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology, 1978.
15. Officer of the Order "Merito Della Republica Italiana," 1979.
16. La Medaille et le Prix "Leon Bernard" La 35eme Assemblee Mondiale de la Sante, 1982.

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"To grow old in a beautiful and dignified way is at the same time a science and an art."
Dr. Ana Aslan